The Benefits of WhoPaste
WhoPaste Saves Time
  Its the fastest way to create a new contacts on Macintosh - period.

      One keystroke - inside any application - anytime!
      Works with Address Book, Daylite, Entourage, or Google Contacts

WhoPaste Reduces Hassle
  WhoPaste does all the hard work of contact creation for you.

      Got a phone number? Select it - control click -- you’re done
      Got a bunch of data in an email signature? - Select it - control click -- let WhoPaste sweat the details
      Creates multiple records directly from spreadsheets - no export or import required
      Rich text - no problem

WhoPaste Is Fun
   WhoPaste has an innovative tool for exploring social network badges on blog pages and websites.

WhoPaste Totally Rocks With Daylite
]   WhoPaste jump starts the Daylite process

      WhoPaste can set at least 30 different Daylite values, including creating a new opportunity.

Now WhoPaste Saves Even More Time
   WhoPaste 4.5 is now the fastest way to create a new To Do in iCal

      No application switching. iCal doesn’t need to be running. WhoPaste won’t start iCal.

  WhoPaste 4.6is now the fastest way to create new Tasks in Daylite or Entourage

      Defaults available, full application Task window is opened to allow complete specification

Wait! Theres More...
      • saves contacts into multiple groups
      • checks for duplicate records
      • formats phone numbers for international dialing
      • records data sources
      • supports Automator and AppleScript
     • supplies mail-merge templates for Pages and Word
      • and more...(sorry no ginzu knives)
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